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Cyber ReSkill Initiative

Updated: Feb 10

In a time when AI and automation are rapidly advancing, the recent wave of layoffs in the tech industry has left a pool of highly skilled professionals seeking new opportunities. Over the past two months, Colorado has experienced sizable layoffs, with two major tech employers letting go of approximately 840 employees. Moreover, a total of 6,505 workers in U.S.-based tech companies have faced job losses, as reported by Crunchbase News. Looking back to 2023, mass job cuts resulted in the layoffs of over 191,000 workers in U.S.-based tech companies, or tech companies with a substantial U.S. workforce.

Recognizing the need to channel these talents into the growing field of cybersecurity, Cyber Qubits launches the “Cyber ReSkill Initiative” and invites local community stakeholders to participate in a dynamic roundtable event. The cybersecurity skills gap is evident nationwide. reports over 19,000 cybersecurity job openings in Colorado and a staggering 572,392 across the United States.

As we strive to bridge the gap in cybersecurity talent development, this roundtable provides a unique platform for diverse stakeholders, including industry associations, colleges, economic and workforce development agencies, and employers, to contribute to a comprehensive strategy. Networking opportunities will foster connections and potential collaborations, creating a collective force for positive change in our community's workforce landscape.

Pledge your commitment to support the Cyber ReSkill Initiative.

  • Attend the Roundtable Event

  • Spread the Word

  • Partner with Cyber Qubits on this initiative

  • Engage Local Businesses

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