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Cybersecurity Management

Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity Management program is a 18-weeks part-time hybrid online program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of major functional activities related to the managing protection of information and technology assets of an organization. Participants will develop necessary skills and competencies to design cybersecurity governance aligned with security laws, implement security strategies to mitigate threats, and handle day-to-day cybersecurity operations and program in organizations. 

Our approach is role-based cybersecurity training for optimal results!

Program prepares you for the job-roles of:

Cybersecurity Manager

Cybersecurity Administrator

Information Security Officer

Cybersecurity Policy Analyst

Disaster Recovery Professional

GRC Consultant


Cybersecurity Workforce Demand

Robotics Engineers

Program Highlights


Certification Bootcamp & Test Prep Material Included


Capstone Cybersecurity Project for Portfolio Development


Career Xcelerator for Job Readiness & Employment Support


Expert Instructors each with 15+ Years Industry Experience & Doctorate

Program Aligned with In-demand

Cybersecurity Certifications

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Professional Certificate

Earn Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity Specialist recognized by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) - Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS).

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Program Start Dates


Start Date: June 10

Completion: October 11

Application Deadline: May 31


Start Date: October 21

Completion: March 14

Application Deadline: October 4


Start Date: March 17

Completion: July 18

Application Deadline: February 28

Program Outline

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted with input from industry experts to ensure that you not only gain foundational knowledge but also acquire the practical skills that employers demand. Every aspect of our program is designed to maximize your employability in the competitive cybersecurity sector. 

Practical, Hands-On Learning

Through immersive simulations and real-world cases, you’ll tackle challenges that mirror those found in actual workplace environments. The program incorporates applied exercises, virtual labs, case studies, and projects that mirror industry challenges allowing you to develop tangible skills that are immediately applicable in your careers. 

Phase I
Immersive Learning

Embark on a deep dive into Cybersecurity Governance and diverse Cybersecurity Laws in this phase. Develop a comprehensive understanding of establishing effective governance structures tailored for cybersecurity within organizations. Explore industry-recognized models and standards while crafting robust cybersecurity strategies in alignment with organizational objectives. Assess maturity levels to proactively mitigate cyber threats and gain insights into creating an effective information security policy. Participants will master cybersecurity compliance requirements to effectively mitigate legal and business risks.

Phase II
Personalized Mentor-Guided Learning

Get ready to take charge of cybersecurity operations with this phase! Learn to develop a robust cybersecurity program for organizations, covering leading industry models and global standards. Discover strategies for business continuity planning and implementing disaster recovery technologies. Gain hands-on experience in effective incident handling techniques to minimize the impact of cybersecurity incidents. This phase lays a solid foundation for mastering the complexities of managing cybersecurity services.

Phase III
Experiential Learning

Engage in a hands-on cybersecurity project in collaboration with Industry Mentors to elevate your cybersecurity portfolio. This practical demonstration integrates the cybersecurity knowledge acquired in previous phases, emphasizing role-based training to progressively enhance competence within a structured project environment.

Cyber students creative working

311 Learning Hours dedicated for Lectures, Labs, Exercises and Project Activities across the program. From academic coaching to developing highly sought-after transferable skills, our program equips you with everything you need to succeed in this fast-paced industry. Explore more.

Career Xcelerator

Experience result-oriented career support with our customized program designed just for you. 

Conference presentation

Award-Winning Instructors

Minimize career transition risk with program backed by expert instructors.  Our Instructors are recognized experts in the cybersecurity field - each with 15+ years of industry experience and holding doctorate degree along with certifications.  

Accredited Training Partner for Leading Industry Certification Providers

EC Council

Invest in Your Future



Eligibility: High School Diploma

Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalency diploma to be accepted for enrollment. No degree or experience required.

Step 1: Application

Complete a simple online application form including a statement of interest. 

Step 2: Interview

Schedule an interview. The interview is designed to gauge candidates who are driven and have a strong interest in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

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