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Cyber Qubits Selected as Scholarship Administrator for $150,000 Opportunity Next Colorado Initiative

Cyber Qubits is proud to announce its selection as a Scholarship Administrator for the $150,000 allocation under the Opportunity Next Colorado initiative. Enacted by SB23-205, this pioneering scholarship program aims to bolster enrollment in Colorado-based colleges, universities, and training programs, prioritizing learners pursuing in-demand pathways.

Cyber Qubits has been awarded scholarship funds that will directly benefit incoming Colorado students, particularly those enrolling in the Cybersecurity Specialist and Cybersecurity Business Analysis programs.

This scholarship can be a big help for Colorado students looking to offset educational costs. The $1,500 award can be applied towards various expenses, including tuition and fees, required course materials like textbooks and software, or even essential equipment needed for specific programs. This flexibility allows students to address their most pressing financial needs and focus on their studies.

In addition to financial aid assistance to reduce college costs, eligible students can also now access education and career coaching from InsideTrack, which has provided success coaching and support to more than 3.2 million learners nationally over the last two decades.

Coaches will work with students one-on-one and in groups to help them set goals, build skills to balance work, personal, financial, and school commitments; and develop individual plans to achieve the goal of completing a degree, certificate, registered apprenticeship program, or another credential of value. To help address the variety of challenges beyond the classroom students face, coaches will work with students to identify and connect to a variety of school-based and community resources ranging from financial aid to health and wellness and academic support services.

All Colorado Class of 2024 learners are eligible to apply. For further inquiries or assistance, please direct all questions from prospective students, parents, or community organizations to or submit your interest below.

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